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Fortunately there is Pink Rabbit, who is appearing in different places and in the most unlikely moments disturbing these performances.

In Topics/Videos you can inform yourself about the background details of these actions and watch short clips about them. New films are continually added showing Pink Rabbit in everyday life.

Pink Rabbit against Germany

Again and again public debates are emerging in Germany containing in different ways the relationship of „the Germans“ towards their nation. Sixty years after the end of WW II in 2005 one wanted to rule out the remembrance ballast of German history. Only one year later black-red-golden flags were „lightheartedly“ waved on the occasion of the masculine-football world championship. Also during the remembrance marathon year 2009 – 60 years constitution, 20 years after the fall of the Wall – arguments are emerging again demanding more patriotism, more common maintenance of values and an uninhibited relationship with Germany.
But latest with reunification in 1990, nobody could have spoken anymore of tension. In fact, already in 1993 the rights of asylum seekers were abolished and thus it was symbollically put into action what the Neonazis shortly before in Rostock-Lichtenhagen, Mölln or Hoyerswerda militantly had demanded: „Germany for the Germans“. [After „reunification,“ German neo-Nazis together with German mobs violently assaulted asylum seekers and migrants. Rostock-Lichtenhagen, Mölln and Hoyerswerda were some of the sites of the most violent attacks.]

Under the Red-Green government [the coalition of the Social-Democratic Party and the Green Party] in 1999 the first German war of aggression since 1945 occurred, against Yugoslavia. It was waged not despite Auschwitz but rather „because of Auschwitz“ (Foreign Secretary Fischer).
Since about 2002 Christian-Democratic politicians above all have been demanding an adjustment to an alleged „German Leitkultur (leading culture)“. Politicians of any background – PDS (Party of Democratic Socialists) or CDU (Christian Democrats) – couldn’t stop confessing very convincingly and repeatedly their love for Germany. Merkel calls on „the German people“ to become aware again of its own values and to identify itself with the nation.
In politics, in cinema, radio, on MTV and in the world of fashion – everywhere black-red-golden German bliss. Mia sings about her lighthearted new relationship towards Germany („Was es ist“ - What it is) and Paul van Dyk and Peter Heppner yodel proudly about Germany’s post war performance („Wir sind wir“ - We are we). So basically everybody agrees when it comes to Germany.
Whether it is called „enlightened“ or „sound“ patriotism or immediately nationalism – all of them basically mean the same: they celebrate a „German culture“ which is essentially different from other cultures.

Pink Rabbit against national myths

The nationalist twaddle as a matter of priority serves to define itself against other people, to refuse them rights and to keep privileges for oneself. This became very clear in the Leitkultur debate: Those who don’t submit to German traditions and customs are refused the right to be in Germany, to work and live there. According to nationalist logic people aren’t simply equal and should not be treated that way.
Facing this background and knowing that nationalist, antisemitic and racist positions continue to be deep seated in this society, we despise any positive reference to Germany and to a German identity.




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